5 Things to do when you get home from work

Every day, as soon as I walk through the door when I get home from work, I can’t wait to take off my work clothes and slip into ‘something more comfortable’. As sexy as this may sound, it often means slipping into old sweats and a t-shirt, or if I know I’m in for the evening, my every day, nothing special PJs.

It doesn’t matter if the day was great or if it was difficult. It doesn’t matter if I wore business casual or if I was required to wear a suit. Whatever the day, whatever the attire, taking off the ‘stiff’ clothes and putting on something that is more relaxed is one of the best feelings of the day. That said, there are many things we can do home to take ‘a load off’. Here are some ideas:

  1. Take a Bath: Taking a bath can provide a lot of healthful benefits, in addition to relaxation. To maximize the experience, play some soft music and light some candles to set the mood. Use moisturizing bath oil to ensure that your skin stays soft and doesn’t dry out.
  2. Order-In: Cooking after a hard day at work might be the last thing you feel like doing. Treat yourself every so often to delivery or take out.
  3. Make it an Early Night: Sleep is an important part of our day. If we don’t get enough, it can wreak havoc on our systems and our energy levels. Once a week, try to get into bed by 9pm for an extra good night’s.
  4. Tea Time: Drink a cup of herbal tea that contains lavender and other ‘relaxing’ herbs. A good one to try is Yogi’s Bedtime tea.
  5. Play with Fido: Take some time and play with a furry loved one. Whether dog, cat or even hamster, spending some quality time with a pet can lower your blood pressure and soothe your soul.

What do you do to relax after a day at work? Do you do any of the things mentioned?

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  • Greg

    I actually really like to work out when I get home. I found it so hard to do this when I first started out on my own, but now it really helps me unwind, and release stress after a long day. It usually consists of a jog, jumping rope or even just kicking a soccer ball around. All help immensely with falling asleep at night, and really keep me from snacking and being a couch potato all evening long.

  • Jossie Gay

    After a long day work, I always feel like sleeping because I am always tired. When I got home, I am always in a hurry to take off my clothes and get relaxed. I put some comfortable clothes and shoes on and went right away to the dinning room. After eating, I watched a TV show or a movie and talk on the phone to some friends and family. Laying down on the couch and talk to your loved one about the recent day and stuffs is also one of the best things to do.

  • EriC, Philippines

    After a hard day’s work, id usually listen to my favorite folk, country, oldies music while driving home (makes me feel relaxed). When I get home, I’d play some more music or play my guitar. Do my 1 hour exercise (with a cup of hot coffee – to perspire some more) with music still in the air. I’d relaxed for 30-45 minutes (while watching tv usually news) then take a good bath. i’d sleep at 11pm.

  • http://choosinglosing.wordpress.com Just_Kelly

    I hug my husband (long bear hug) and I play with my puppies some. Then I go and check the internet (email, twitter, facebook, etc) and usually watch a tv show to unwind (oprah or orangutan island).