Reading Nutrition Labels on the Road

You’re in the airport and you run into the newsstand for a quick snack. What do you choose? What is healthiest? Reading nutrition labels is vital to making healthy decisions on the go. Watch this short video to understand what are the most important pieces of information when looking at nutrition labels so that you can make healthier choices.

Do you read nutrition labels when choosing between products?


  • Christopher

    I do now, this topic is on the button!
    I was in Cape Town recently where I bought some Guacamole from a well regarded supermarket only to read the label and find sucrose as an ingredient. Sucrose in Guacamole…. as old folks used to say that’ll learn ya!

    On a more serious note though, the politics of food is one of the more insidious enemies of the road warrior has to face. At the moment I see no end in sight especially when airlines like to replicate restaurant standard meal at 35,000ft. The UK’s largest airline has just updated its inflight snack selection according to Business traveller magazine, I’ve seen the offering and they are still preservative laden etc